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About Sreekumar Associates

When Advocate Dr.S.Sreekumar Joined the profession in 1983, he was having a passion to serve the society as a champion of justice. The best training he got from Adv. Jayanthan Nair, the famous criminal Law practioner in Kerala; the valuable guidance of Adv. V.Bhaskara Pillai who was the leader of Civil Cases in Trivandrum and the love, support and training by Smt. Pathirappally S.Krishnakumari made him a hard working motivated Lawyer.

The study for LLM at Cochin University and his experience as the Secretary to Legal Aid Clinic, therein enhanced his confidence in the profession.

Thus in the year 1989, Adv. Dr.S.Sreekumar started a Law Firm under the name and style 'SREEKUMAR ASSOCIATES' with his wife Adv.Gayathri Sreekumar and a handful of juniors and other office staffs.

More than 30 years ago, when Dr. S. Sreekumar set out to start a career in advocacy at the District and Subordinate Courts in Thiruvananthapuram, he was just a young lad, hailing from a far-away small hamlet, with a heart full of a passionate dream. His father having served as a commissioned officer with the Indian Army and mother a teacher, young Sreekumar had a childhood of disciplined upbringing with a meticulous approach towards academics.

Initial spark of his tryst with destiny was induced by his maternal uncle, who was a very successful lawyer then. Sreekumar, during his days at primary school, was so much influenced by the covetable identity his uncle possessed, that when the class teacher enquired with the students of the class, as to what their ambition was, young Sreekumar was quick to put his hand up to say he wished to be a lawyer.

That passion of a nine year old boy, nursed with meticulous approach, helped him eventually reach the goal of becoming a lawyer, not by chance, but by choice.

Later on, he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Science, before pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Law, from the University Law College, Dhawad. An active face in student politics, Sreekumar subsequently did a Master's degree in Law from Cochin University with specialization in Labour Laws and Commercial Laws. After more than 15 years of practice, Adv Dr. S. Sreekumar procured a doctorate (Ph. D. Law) in Family Laws stressing on Family Separations, Family Relations, Estrangements and Matrimonial Problems and way to solve the problems.

He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Sociology and this academic pursuit instilled in him an inclination towards understanding inter-personal behaviours and sociological aspects. For nearly a decade now, Dr. Sreekumar has procured a niche position in the domain of Alternate Dispute Resolution, as a Mediator appointed and accredited by the Honourable Supreme Court of India. This has widened his portfolio of expertise in the domain of discussion, counselling and mediation, not to mention, his effective litigation skills.

Sreekumar was the standing counsel for leading institutions in the financial sector like Life Insurance Corporation of India, Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd., New India Assurance Co. Ltd., National Insurance Co. Ltd. He has also represented the ESI Corporation and Employees Provident Fund Office, as a standing counsel.

He is the legal advisor to leading banks, including big names like Federal bank, Vijaya Bank Punjab and Sind Bank, Maharashtra Bank and Dhanalekshmi Bank.

Our firm also acts as legal advisor and consultants to Multi-National Companies like Q-Net, Vihaan Direct Selling Pvt Ltd, Akshaya foods, Darussalam Agencies etc.

Along with his quest for professional excellence in advocacy, Dr. S. Sreekumar has also proven his credentials in the academic arena. He was a Guest Lecturer at prestigious institutions like Kerala Law Academy Law College, Centre for Advanced Legal Studies, Government Arts College, Government Evening College and Institute of Hotel Management, in Thiruvananthapuram.

Dr. S. Sreekumar is currently the Honorary Academic Director to Dr. Ambedkar Global Law Institute, Tirupati, which is one of the leading institutions in India providing Legal education. His commitment and undying drive for learning and development has also reflected in his Articles in leading law publications like Indian Bar Review, Cochin University Law Review and Law Academy Law review.

Along with legal services for effective litigation, our firm offers child counselling, pre marital counselling and family counselling. We also work as mediatiors for many firms to solve their disputes without resorting to litigation.

Apart from his credentials in the field of law, Dr. S. Sreekumar, who believes in living a 'life sans stress', is a passionate agriculturist. His interests and ideas of the need of self-sufficiency, was extensively covered by the print and visual media in Kerala.

Dr. S.Sreekumar lives in Trivandrum with his better half Advocate Gayathri Sreekumar, children Advocate Aparna Sreekumar and Advocate Arjun Sreekumar who are also in the profession as main pillars of his firm.