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Simplicity, Clarity and Brevity is the sole of it. Many of the litigations emerge from poor drafting. Our team help you to draft your ideas to black and white.


By creating a trust, we are separating the ownership of the property from the beneficiary. A Trustee has to manage the property for the class of persons. Lot of foresight regarding future events and possibilities has to be kept in mind while forming a trust and preparing a Trust Deed.


Will is the formal expression of wishes of the party. No particular form is required by law for the creation of a will. But when it is challenged one has to prove the execution of will and existence of it. So creation of will also needs a professional help keeping in mind the exigencies and requirements of laws relating to evidence.

Power of Attorney

By a Power of Attorney you are authorizing a person to do certain acts for and on behalf of you. The power conferred upon the Power Of Attorney Holder may vary depending upon your requirement, but one must be very cautious to give only necessary Power. Preparation, Execution, Registration of Power Of Attorney also requires expertise.

Agreements Deeds and Conveyancing

Preparation of agreements, Deeds and conveyancing requires much care and caution. Many of the law suits and litigations originate from wrong and ambiguous Drafting.


Noting and Notarisation of documents, attestation are done by our Notary public. Drafting of such documents are also done with utmost care.


Translation of documents to various languages is also another area in which our firm can help.