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Law relating to marriage is governed by personal laws in India. For validity of a marriage, certain formalities and legal requirements are to be fulfilled. Persons hailing from different cultural and educational background often enter into marriages. Naturally there will be adjustment and relationship problems. Spousal adjustment, adjustments with in-laws and other relatives are creating matrimonial strives.

The spouses must try to solve the problems by themselves, when they find it difficult to solve by themselves it is always advisable to seek external help. External help means, help of persons trained for family counselling and mediation. A stitch in time saves many, the earlier you contact experts, the simpler your problems will be. Please don't hesitate to take expert assistance at the earliest.

Pre-marital Counselling

Usually people go for counselling when they are in trouble. We work for prevention rather than cure. Before selecting your partner, it is always advisable to consult a family counsellor, who will help you to understand each other in a better way and to interact more effectively. This will enable the parties to verify whether they are really of very same wave length and compatible to each other. Our firm provides effective pre-marital counselling.